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Tall Tales


Tall Tales now has it's own website, or sort of. It's main home from now on will be Listen & Often, which is the name of the TT podcast. I will be migrating content over there in the next short period of time.

TT is an evening of comic stories and songs which runs on the last Thursday of every second month at Kilburn's great Good Ship. It is inspired by The Prairie Home Companion, and absolutely not by nights of literary readings.


Tall Tales Newsflash (increasingly an Oldsflash, but increasingly I don't care): Warhorses of Letters has been commissioned by R4 for broadcast in October. The first, maybe, but not the last. John Finnemore didn't need Tall Tales, but Tall Tales is where you get to see first drafts of some things that will be in his upcoming sketch show.

Newsflash 2: Told you it was not the last. Ian Leslie's magic series Before They Were Famous has also been commissioned by Radio 4.


The Next Tall Tales

Really, visit Listen & Often for updates. I won't update this page from now on. The 2012 shows will are scheduled to be on 26th January, 29th March, 31st May, 26th July, 27th September and 29th November but, like I say, do check nearer the time.

Venue is Good Ship, Doors are 19.30, show is 20.00, tickets are £5. To reserve tickets, email talltalesnight at gmail.


Tall Tales Stars (More Than There Are in Heaven)

Incomplete list

Helen Arney, musical comedian. She also performs, among other places, at the New Red Lion Theatre's excellent monthly Festival of the Spoken Nerd. She once sang a song about a colossal squid while dressed as a mermaid. It is hard to imagine how she and Tall Tales found each other.

Emma Beddington, writer and important legal mind. Emma's blog, Belgian Waffle, is one of the best things on the web. It gets frequently nominated for awards, and almost every female journalist in London is obsessed with it, and so am I.

Benet Brandreth, force of nature. His Brandreth Papers are a fantastic collection of what were fantastic episodes, every word of which Tall Tales audience members heard with fearful clarity. If you're going to be in Edinburgh, watch them there.

Toby Davies, comedy writer and performer. He writes for Mitchell and Webb and I'm Sorry I've Got No Head, which is better than any television programme made for children when I was a child, except for The Song and the Story with Isla St Clair. His work on a beautiful and internationally successful play about Saki influenced him.

Gareth Edwards, comedy producer. Producer of That Mitchell & Webb Sound and Look, Bleak Expectations and Warhorses of Letters. Not the director of Monsters, but do ask him about that.

John Finnemore, comedy writer and performer. John's Radio 4 sitcom, Cabin Pressure, is super and series three will be broadcast later this year. If you're not already a fan of it you must crazy. He's writing a sketch show for Radio 4 as well.

Hannah Jones, writer. Hannah's blog, Why Miss Jones, is blood in the water to various televisual sharks. I can never remember what I am allowed to say about it. This seems pretty safe.

Ian Leslie, writer and writer. He wrote about the Obama election and you should bookmark Marbury, his mainly-politics blog, as a matter of urgency. He's just released Born Liars, a book about lying, which is going to be Radio 4's Book of the Week at some point.

Marie Phillips, writer. As well as her bestselling novel Gods Behaving Badly, Marie co-hosts Book Swap, an evening of author interviews and bookswapping (like you'd think), in Windsor. She's my co-writer onWarhorses of Letters, so I cannot be expected to be unbiased about her and I am not.

Mike Westcott, poet. Mike is producing a spreadsheet with all the things that happened in history on it. It is a work in progress.