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Who is this guy?

More details to help you with your stalking*

You write musicals?
Yes. I don’t write the music, though. With Jeremy Sams, I wrote the book for Damsel in Distress. It’s based on Gershwin songs and a Wodehouse novel, and it was commissioned by the Gershwin and Wodehouse estates. It was showcased by a brilliant cast in May 2011, and the plan is that it will be produced in Chichester next year. With Susannah Pearse, many years ago, I wrote Farm!, a story about a zebra and a racehorse. It predated, by a small but crucial amount, Disney’s stupid Racing Stripes. It is quite likely to be produced next year as well. Sherlock Holmes, the Early Years, with Kate Ferguson and Jared Dembowski as well as Susannah, won the Theater for the American Musical Award at the 2007 New York Musical Futures festival. It was workshopped at the RSC in January 2011 as a result of which the game is afoot. There are others.

When I see your name in a newspaper, is that you? Or are you beset by lesser imitators like the two Davids Mitchell?
I am beset by lesser imitators, but they are mostly American murderers and baseballers, not English journalists. I write about sport, technology, travel and popular culture for The Guardian, Financial Times and Sunday Times, among others. When you see someone with my name doing that, it is probably me.

And the radio?
I have appeared on Radio 4’s Front Row, The Music Group and Fry's English Delight, as well as reviewing on Simon Mayo’s Book Club on Radio 5 Live.

Do you ever appear live telling stories about Kilburn life and introducing things written by your more talented friends?
Yes, I do. I host Tall Tales, a bi-monthly evening of stories and songs at The Good Ship in Kilburn. I am prepared tell my stories in other venues, but they will still be about Kilburn. At some point soon, I will put some of the stories on here.
Tangentially, I’ve also hosted and presented book events including the Windsor Firestation’s Bookswap.

Will you teach me to write a story?
Well, yes, with all the usual caveats. I run general fiction workshops at festivals and for creative writing programmes. I have also run specific ones about using sport in writing, about using historical research and about writing musicals for children.

Are you secretly an incredibly successful writer of erotic fiction featuring mermaids?
As a result of one of my earlier stories at Tall Tales, some people think I am secretly a millionaire writer of erotic fiction featuring mermaids. I am not.

You are clearly an excellent website designer too. Can’t I get you to do that?
No, because I am not. Kosha Engler is and she can.


* Also if you wish to hire my services. If you do, my agent’s details are: Alex Christofi, Conville & Walsh, 5th Floor, Haymarket House, 28-9 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4SP,