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Who is this guy?

Robert HudsonRobert Hudson’s second novel, The Dazzle, was published in 2013. His musical Damsel in Distress, written with Jeremy Sams and based on a Wodehouse novel and Gershwin songs, was produced in Chichester in 2015. At some point, somewhere, you will be able to see it again. Here are some reviews.

He– look, who am I trying to kid? I am Robert Hudson. As well as novels and musicals, I also write comedy with Marie Phillips. Our Napoleonic-era epistolary equine rom com, Warhorses of Letters, was first broadcast on Radio 4 in Autumn 2011, Series 2 was broadcast in 2012 and Series 3 in 2014. You can buy the book version of Series 1 - which contains extra letters, a bibliographical essay and hoofnotes - at Unbound by clicking this link. Someone is translating it into German, which is a beautiful thought. The recordings of Series 1, which are absurdly cheap, are available from iTunes. The recordings of Series 2 and 3 are not yet available. This is apparently likely to change.

My first novel was The Kilburn Social Club; I've appeared on various Radio 4 and festival panels; I run the bi-monthly comedy night Tall Tales; and I (used to and will again) co-host the podcast Listen & Often with Toby Davies (The Voice of the Past) and Marie Phillips (The Voice of the Future).


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